Plump, sweet and begging for cream

So, I was scrolling through facebook and saw something interesting in one of the groups I’m in. It was a post about a sign in the store that read like this: “Plump, sweet and begging for cream” No, it’s not what you think! This was a sign above the strawberries in the store. Look: Seeing … Read more

The 3 E’s of a powerful email

What makes a good movie or a TV show? If you ask Mel Gibson, he’ll say it all comes down to this: What did they(the audience) get out of it? Or you ask yourself these 3 questions: Were they entertained? Were they educated? Were they elevated? When all of these are combined, you have a … Read more

Is your list slowly burning down?

It was a sunny weekend and we were getting ready to go on a barbecue with friends. I was chilling at my desk when suddenly my girlfriend rushed into the room and called me to quickly come and see something through the window. To be honest, I expected it’s going to be one of those … Read more

Garbage disposal methods that keep more money in your pockets

This weekend wasn’t just fun and games. Nope, we used our free time to do some cleaning around the apartment. Nothing major, but I did end up with 3 blue bags. The first one was the heaviest, it was full of glass. The second was your everyday trash. And the third one was light, it … Read more

Living proof how “use it or lose it” is sooo true

Weird thing happened to me today. I came to the office with a goal to go through some materials and map them out in my notebook. But when I started to write, it felt weird. My writing was so damn ugly! OK, I admit, I’m no calligrapher…far from it. But I was making loads of … Read more

What can Lebron James teach you about email marketing?

Actually, I don’t think Lebron even has an email list…or he hides it pretty well. But I’ll get to that soon! Whether you like him or not, you gotta respect the man. He’s been in the league for 15 years, and during that time he has consistently been a top performer. Even now, at age … Read more

What is a negotiation minefield and how do you get out of it?

I was re-listening to an interview with Jim Camp today. I’ve listened to it for who knows how many times, love it! Jim Camp is also known as one of the world’s most fierce negotiators and you can learn a lot from this guy, because negotiations apply to everything we do in life. Anyway, one … Read more

Fighting bot signups in your list – part 2

In my last email, I told you how bot signups can ruin your email deliverability. And I also gave you tips on how to fight them. There is also one additional way you can easily filter out bot signups in your list. It involves a little bit of HTML/CSS knowledge, but if you don’t know … Read more