Is your list slowly burning down?

It was a sunny weekend and we were getting ready to go on a barbecue with friends.

I was chilling at my desk when suddenly my girlfriend rushed into the room and called me to quickly come and see something through the window.

To be honest, I expected it’s going to be one of those “look how beautiful clouds and sky are, let’s take a photo!” moments.

But I didn’t expect this!

A huge black cloud rising to the sky. It was coming from a building, just a block away. The whole damn roof was on fire!

Few minutes later, we heard the sirens and firemen arrived. They got everything handled and under control pretty quickly, so kudos to the guys for doing an awesome job.

Luckily, the building was under construction, so no one got hurt. What we heard later in the news, was that some building material caught on fire and that was the reason for such a thick black smoke.

Shit happens, right?

And shit can and will happen to your email campaigns as well. And you’ll get the feeling like your whole list is slowly burning down. When that happens, it’s time to check your materials and find out which ones caught fire:

  • How targeted is the traffic? Are you getting the right people to your page?
  • Is the sign up process clear and optimized to get you only the best leads?
  • What about the copy? Are the emails getting read and clicked on?
  • Are you sure that the offer is right for your audience?

One easy way to ensure your list doesn’t burn down is to build on solid fundamentals. And you can get plenty of those in my free course “Make your emails rock”, currently accessible through the quiz here.

Bring it on sunny days, it’s BBQ season!