Garbage disposal methods that keep more money in your pockets

This weekend wasn’t just fun and games.

Nope, we used our free time to do some cleaning around the apartment. Nothing major, but I did end up with 3 blue bags.

The first one was the heaviest, it was full of glass. The second was your everyday trash. And the third one was light, it was full of plastic bottles.

Yes, we recycle!

Anyway, while I was heading down the elevator with these bags, it got me thinking how there is still money to be made from this trash. Few years back, before we had the opportunity to recycle, we used to just throw it away – we were throwing money away!

Kinda how people throw their best performing emails away.

After they did their job, they get lost in the archives. But you should reuse those emails every now and then. As long as they still give results.

Your list is dynamic, it will always change. So a lot of subscribers won’t even know that email even existed, to them, it will be something new!

Direct sales guys are using one specific letter for years before they replace it with something new. And that is only when they find something that will outperform it.

So if you’ve had an email that performed really well in the past, try sending it out again to your refreshed list and see what happens. History tends to repeat itself.


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