Living proof how “use it or lose it” is sooo true

Weird thing happened to me today.

I came to the office with a goal to go through some materials and map them out in my notebook.

But when I started to write, it felt weird.

My writing was so damn ugly! OK, I admit, I’m no calligrapher…far from it. But I was making loads of basic mistakes.

I kid you not, I forgot how to write properly!

These days, I just type everything, so writing a lot of text with pen and paper became obsolete to me. And since I rarely do it, my muscle memory was weak.

It took me well over 15 minutes to get myself going properly.

Living proof, how our mind and body adapts and evolves in everything we do…or not do.

Use it or lose it!

And I get it, you probably have loads of other stuff to do in your business other than your emails. So it’s very easy to miss out (or get rusty) on some fundamental, but important, things that bring in more sales.

No worries though, I got you covered. That’s why I’ve created a course to help you “Make your emails rock!” in 10 steps. Yeah, that’s the name of the course.

Of course, the course won’t do you any good if you aren’t ready to implement the stuff that I teach in there. So anyone not ready to put in the actual work shouldn’t even bother.

Happy Friday and let’s go Sixers! (I’m in the NBA playoffs mode right now)