The 3 E’s of a powerful email

What makes a good movie or a TV show?

If you ask Mel Gibson, he’ll say it all comes down to this:

What did they(the audience) get out of it?

Or you ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Were they entertained?
  2. Were they educated?
  3. Were they elevated?

When all of these are combined, you have a very powerful trifecta going on.

Smart man!

And he’s right on point. Try to recall any of your favorite movies, and find if they have that trifecta going on…

Me for example, I love Pulp Fiction.

Is it entertaining?
Do they speak English in WHAT?

Is it educating?
You bet. I’ve learned that Quarter Pounder with Cheese in the US, is what we call a Royale with Cheese here in the EU. Because of the metric system!

Is it elevating?
My view on foot massages has never been the same again!

And you know WHAT? (say what one more time!)

You can apply this same trifecta in your emails and how you write your content.

Let’s call them the 3 E’s of a powerful email. So we can say that powerful emails are:

  • Entertaining – they are never boring to read
  • Educating – they teach something useful
  • Elevating – they make people think or change their mind how they think about something

Having just one of these E’s already makes an email worthy of opening. Having all 3 gets you more sales than a bakery store on a Monday morning here in Croatia (we love our burek!).


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