Email is
The King
of ROI!

Did you know that emails are
the MOST PROFITABLE marketing channel
generating on average
$38 for every $1 spent?

Emails convert your unknown website visitors into loyal customers
Emails maximize your return on ad spend and allow you to scale faster
Emails extend customer retention and increase customer lifetime value (CLV)

But your current email marketing is MEH…

There is no clear strategy in what you’re doing, usually you just blast your list with a promo and that’s it
The revenue you generate from your emails is minimal or non-existent
You know you’re leaving some serious money on the table and you want to change this NOW!

You gave a shot with different agencies or on your own, but the experience SUCKED

Are you ready to maximize the profits from the BEST performing marketing channel out there?

I help you kick ass with emails by:

Doing the extensive research on your target market to find out their hot buttons and biggest opportunities for your emails.
Applying my proven 3E Email Marketing System that builds you hordes of loyal customers and makes your competition irrelevant.
Making sure your emails are in sync with all the stages of the customer lifecycle and always delivering the right message at the right time.

Hi, my name is Zoran…

A passionate email marketer with more than 10 years of experience
Soon to be a proud father
Health and nutrition maniac (I’m still a human with a sweet tooth though)
A cat and a dog person (an animal and nature lover in general)
Extremely competitive gamer (well, competitive in just about anything really)
An average guitar player and a lovely stay-at-home singer (just ask my neighbors)

…I specialize in helping ecommerce businesses generate more revenue through the most profitable marketing channel – email marketing.

Why I’m the best choice for YOU:

I mix effective sales copy with storytelling making your emails connect better with your customers and getting you more sales
I use behavior design, customer lifecycle, and sales psychology to craft an unbeatable email marketing strategy
I understand how email deliverability works and what it takes for your emails to reach the inbox
I developed hundreds of custom email designs and can quickly act on most email code/tech related issues
I work fast and efficiently, time is money!
Oh, and I have a degree in Marketing

Why me and not a big email marketing agency:

You’ll be working and communicating directly with me, not a random project manager or anyone else
I’ll be doing all the work with my 10+ years of experience, not some junior fresh out of college or an outsourced team you never met
When you work with me, you’re not just a number in a big agency that will chew you up and spit you out but a member of my family – I value honesty and loyalty above anything else

My process for TOP PERFORMING
email marketing:

1. Research

Doing anything without first understanding your products and your market is like going fishing without a bait. I leave no room for guesswork here.

2. Plan

Armed with data, I create an omnipresent email strategy based on your customers lifecycle, write the email copy, and design the emails.

3. Implement

Integrate your store with the email CRM, set up subscriber tracking, organize your list, set up automation, create popups and all the emails.

4. Optimize

Make sense out of all the numbers and see where we can improve through rigorous testing. Staying static doesn’t get you ahead!

You’ll have an amazing experience when working with me because:

I get things done
My word is my bond, I don’t miss my deadlines or go radio silent on you.

I use data, not woo-woo bullshit
I apply formulas that work and psychology to get you those SALES.

I innovate and improve
I constantly explore what is working right now so that your emails are up to date with the best practices.

Do you want me to dramatically increase your sales?

If your answer is a big YES, then

Are we a good fit?

The type of clients I work with

You and your products bring value to your customers

No fishy products or businesses that treat their customers like dirt. You place your customers in the first place and are here for them, not the other way around.

You are an established ecommerce business

My work is not cheap and I want to make sure you get the best possible ROI from it. That means you are already making sales with your products and are actively driving traffic to your store.

You are responsive in your communication and open to shaking things up when needed

Good communication means efficiency and faster results, I aim to return my emails within 24 hours and so should you. You are ready to follow my advice and aren’t afraid of doing things differently.

You love chocolate

OK, I’m not serious about this one! I’ll still work with you if you don’t. 🙂

If you:

Want to significantly increase the revenue of your store
Are tired of mediocre results with emails
Look to maximize your return on ad spend
Expect your email marketing to be up to date with the best practices
Need a partner you can rely on and not a yes-man who needs micromanaging

Then don’t wait anymore!

My mission is to give ecommerce businesses a way to connect with their target audience and eliminate sending only batch n’ blast emails once and for all!