When should you worry about mistakes in your email?

Years ago, when I was a noobie in email marketing, I was working as a student for one big daily deal company.

I had over 100000 subscribers I had to take care of every single day, even weekends (quite a big responsibility for me at that time).

As any human, I made mistakes and occasionally I would have a typo or something minor like that in email.

The next day I would always hear from my superiors about this and how I’ve messed up.

And the actual conversion numbers? They didn’t change a bit.

I know, some people are very pedantic about this and feel like it’s going to be the end of the wrold (see what I did there) if this happens.

And if you are someone like that, let me tell you, people don’t care.

If anything else, it makes the email more real. I know of people actually doing this on purpose in their emails.

When something like this happens to you, don’t worry about it, if anyone even noticed it, they’d take it as granted and move on.

I’ve never heard of someone unsubscribing because of a grammar error or a typo in an email.

Only time you need to worry and do something about mistakes in your email is if it’s something major that may impact the sales.

Like call to action leading to a different page, or wrong information about the deal.

You know, things that actually impact the purchasing decision.

So yeah, minor mistakes, don’t stress about it, just move on. Your subscribers already had.

Big mistakes, send out a new “we messed up” email as soon as possible. You can even turn it to your advantage and offer some bonus/better deal as an apology and actually get more sales than you would initially.

When life gives you lemons…screw the lemonade, make a lemon cake! (everyone loves cakes)