Are you an annoying pest or a welcome guest?

I think I first heard about the term “welcome guest” from Dan Kennedy, that story really stuck with me.

Let me explain what’s it all about.

Imagine you are chilling in your home, when suddenly a doorbell rings.

You open the door and there he is, a salesman trying to sell you something (duh), disturbing your peaceful afternoon.

He doesn’t care about you or your problems, his only goal is to give you his pitch. If you buy, that’s great in his book, if you don’t, he goes on to pester your next door neighbor.

Of course, your immediate reaction to this kind of approach is instinctively to say no thank you and shut the door.

This is exactly the impression your emails have if only thing you are sending to your subscribers are just sale offers.

You are the annoying pest!

No one likes to be sold, that’s a fact.

Now, imagine again that you are comfortably chilling in your home, you hear the doorbell ringing.

You get up, with “another damn salesman” attitude, you open the door and there’s a guy telling you that your whole backyard is on fire.

He just got promoted from an annoying pest to a welcome guest.

“Grab the hose, I’ll call the fire department!”, and you both work together on putting out the fire.

How did he get promoted to a welcome guest?

He had something to tell you, which you recognized as of urgent importance and great value.

This is exactly how your emails should be like.

They should feel important and valuable to your subscribers.

Now you’re not just someone who is annoying and trying to sell something, you are a welcome guest in their inbox.

And if you need help transforming your emails from an annoying pest to a welcome guest, the link is still the same. šŸ˜‰