For all the blenders that are collecting dust in kitchen cabinets

You know that one time you wanted to start eating healthy, so you bought a blender?

Or when you’ve decided to get back in shape and you bought an exercise machine?

And now these things sit stored somewhere and are collecting dust, you probably used them the first month and then forgot about them.

OK, maybe this isn’t your case, but I bet you’ve bought something that had you all pumped up, used it for a little while and then never looked at it again.

Most people are like that.

If it involves any learning curve or requires us to put some effort into it, we tend to procrastinate – lucky you, if you are an exception.

And if someone is not actively using your product or service, they won’t get the results you promised them and they won’t come back for more.

You can also forget about those reviews/testimonials you were hoping for.

So it’s not about making a sale anymore, it’s about making sure your customers actually use what they bought from you.

How else would they be happy about their purchase, right?

You want retention, you want loyal fans.

You are not in this for “one and done”, that’s not how profitable business works online.

And guess what, your emails are your secret weapon.

So after you make a sale, don’t start popping the champagne just yet, send more emails!

For example, if I sold you a blender, I wouldn’t just send you a receipt.

I would thank you for giving me your hard earned money and your trust for using my product.

I would also send you tips on how to take care of your blender so it serves you for years.

And I would send you recipe ideas you can try out with your blender.

Want more? I can do more…I would send you nutrition tips and maybe throw in a couple of exercises, since you are into healthy lifestyle.

I would stay on top of your mind and get you excited about using that blender.

There is just as much to email about after someone makes a purchase, as it is before they make a purchase.

Think the long game, that’s how you succeed.

It’s what I focus on when building email automation strategy for my clients – if you go for automation, might as well make your life easier and cover all the bases.

What’s that? You don’t have any email strategy, let alone automated emails?

Book a call and make your emails work.