Soak your subscribers

Ever cooked beans of any kind?

Usually what you have to do is soak them in the water and leave them, preferably over night.

That way the beans become much more easier to digest and are ready to cook.

See, that’s the same principle you sometimes have to do with your subscribers before you get any sales rolling in.

So they usually go through some sort of onboarding once they sign up to your list and you try to establish a better relationship with them.

In a way, you are soaking them to be ready when you get to the cooking part.

And when they are ready, you ask for sale, which is a lot more easier to digest once they’ve been warmed up (soaked) for it.

Now, not every subscriber is the same, some are ready almost instantly, some you may have to soak for a while.

But the main idea is to ask for sale at the right moment.

There is no easy way to know this with your list. I wish there was.

You just have to get down to testing, trying out these things and monitor your sales numbers.

There is a big difference between someone who visits your site through search engines and someone who came through your ad.

Usually those who made their way to you through searching are ready to buy a lot sooner than you think.

They took the time to search for the solution.

Unlike those who saw your ad and thought it might be interesting.

If possible, try to have your ads lead to a different landing page so you can segment these guys out for a more stronger onboarding sequence.

And those who come to your website directly, you can try and be more aggressive.

Just look at the most ecommerce stores out there, usually you get welcome from a popup giving you a discount.

And you know, even though it may sound annoying, it works.

Because if I visited an ecommerce store by myself, that means I’m actively looking for products that are in there, so a discount works great for me.

Problem is when someone comes from ad to that same home page, even though they might not be ready to buy, they get the same deal.

It might entice them to take action, but more often you just annoy them with it.

So as I said, have different landing pages for different sources of traffic and think at what stage of the buying process they may be.

And adjust your emails and your copy accordingly.


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