Most people don’t use this hidden gem that is inside their email account

You know how we usually learn better from mistakes, right?

And it’s always smarter to learn from mistakes of others, yeah?

And you want your emails to perform better, don’t you?

Now think.

Where could you see loads of email mistakes, the biggest nono’s of email marketing, hm?

It may came to you already, but if it didn’t, it’s spam folder!

Yep, this is the place where you get to see exactly what NOT TO DO with your emails.

And not just that, you can also see some pretty clever and creative ideas.

They may not always be something you want to mimic, but if you observe more closely, you may get inspiration to try some things (ones which are ethical).

Because these guys probably know they are spammers already, so if they want to make any profit, they need to get their emails opened.

Just take a look at this subject line from my spam folder:
Learn how 1 simple IRS loophole can protect your retirement account

If I was someone in the US interested in my retirement account, this would definitely grab my attention.

Next, when I opened the email, just a single text line was waiting for me there. Because images are turned off, I can already tell that their whole email was actually just one big image.

And the unsubscribe link was missing.

Both things that you don’t want to do with your emails.

So you see, spam folder is not just a place that filters your inbox from crap.

If you dig through it a little bit, it may be a good source of ideas and a good reminder of what you shouldn’t be doing if you want your emails to get delivered and read.


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