When small problems become full blown headaches

Yesterday, I had a slight headache throughout the day.

I didn’t do absolutely anything about it.

Because I’m a man!

I’m not gonna drink pills immediately on the first sight of pain like some weakling…right?

I also had a fun evening where I indulged a little bit to much into stuff I shouldn’t really be eating.

It was like my last supper, as I have my new ayurvedic medicine coming in today, there will be no more guilty pleasures.

I’ll have to get strict with my diet now. So you can understand why I wanted one last tasty crap before going down that road.

Anyway, I left headache unattended, because manliness! And ate crap as well, which didn’t help.

So what happened?

I woke up at 4:30am with a full blown headache. It felt like someone is going through my head with a saw.

And headache was so intense it started nasty puking session (I wonder how I didn’t wake my gf up).

OK, I won’t go into more details, but long story short, I felt like I was beaten up, left lying on the rain…and they stole my shoes as well.

And you know what happened next?

I, the man, took out powdered brufen and drank it all up to try and silence the pain in my head.

In a manly manner of course.

Did I need to go through all this?

If I acted immediately on the first sign of headache, I most likely wouldn’t.

But it made a good story for today’s email and a valuable lesson.

When you see stuff starting to go south, don’t leave it unattended.

Take care of it immediately if possible, so it doesn’t grow into a bigger problem you will have much harder time with down the road – like headaches you can have with deliverability.

This goes for everything, not just emails.

Stay safe,
Zoran, the manly man

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