The most important email metric you should really care about

I get asked questions like these frequently:

What are good open rates?

What are good click rates?

We had X number of unsubscribes in this email, is that OK?

What is the most important email metric?

Let me now ask you:

Do open rates directly pay the bills?

Do click rates?

Do unsubscribes have to do anything with making you money?

Then why would you care about them?

OK, OK…you might care a little, but they are just small pieces of a bigger picture.

And that is sales.

You may be testing two emails; email A has better open rates, but email B is making you more money.

Which one do you want to send to your whole list?

Same thing is for clicks.

Email A has more clicks, but less sales than email B.

Will you go with A or B?

B of course!

Unless you don’t want to make money from your emails.

Anyway, what I wanted to point out is that sales is the most important email metric and it’s the only one you should really care about.

Aim to get sales higher, not open rates, not click rates.


If you are doing a good job on increasing sales, other things won’t matter.

That’s it.

Also, if you want your emails to do sales on autopilot, seriously check out Drip as it has badass features that cover complex automations.

I’m planning to make a full review with a showcase of some cool things you can do, so something to look forward to.


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