The oldest trick from the devil’s playbook

I’m not a religious person, but this story is a great example and something you can learn from.

You know how Adam and Eve had everything in the Garden of Eden?

They had no bills to pay, all the food they wanted and they hung out with God from time to time.

And I bet Adam never had to hear Eve saying: “I don’t know what to wear!”

Only thing that was forbidden was eating from the tree of good and evil.

And they did OK, until the devil came and told Eve she should take a bite of the fruit.

At first, Eve didn’t budge, she told the devil that it’s forbidden and she ain’t falling for his devilish tricks.

But the devil was pretty smart.

He told her that if she eats it, she’ll be wiiiise, that she will know of good and evil – she will be like the God himself!

Eve, wondering what knowing of good and evil would feel like, wondering what God knows, took a bite.

Then she offered some to Adam too (because sharing is caring). He didn’t want to be left behind and let Eve know more than him (because us guys need to be the alphas), so he took a bite as well.

You already know what happened next…but why was devil able to make them do it?

Did he use some superpowers?

Nope, he just used something that is ingrained in all people – curiosity.

We have such a strong desire to know something, it’s what makes humans advance and evolve.

Without curiosity, we would still be running around butt naked without a care in the world.

And this is the same reason why quizzes are so powerful and we almost can’t resist not taking them.

They push our curiosity buttons, and even more, they are always about us.

If you want to play the devil (but in a good way) and get your visitors to take a bite into your email list, create a quiz as your lead magnet.

I’m using Interact to create mine, you can check it here.

What won me over was their long list of integrations. Specifically, they integrate with Drip, which no other quiz building platform I looked into didn’t offer.