3 Michelin Star sushi chef reveals his number 1 rule

For some time now, I’ve been munching on sushi on every occasion I can get.

And just today, I was watching a video where they show how a day in life of chef Saito looks like. He is the owner of a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant in Tokyo, which many regard as one of the best in the world.

His day starts by going to the Tsukiji fish market early in the morning. It’s the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world by the way.

He has a special relationship with wholesalers there.

Their judgment is very important when he buys the fish, because they are the first guys that buy from the fishermen.

So these guys are the ones who initially pick the best parts.

They know very well what kind of quality Saito is looking for, he trusts their judgment and never asks for the price.

It’s very important to him not to cut back on quality, or make compromises, he would just be lying to himself and it would all come back and bite him in the ass.

That’s probably why his restaurant is considered one of the best sushi places in the world.

He doesn’t just want his customers to think that the food was good, or tasty.

He wants them to have an unforgettable experience, to make them feel good.  And I tell you, those guys eating sushi there were overflowing with happiness. It made their day. 🙂

It’s the same thing you want to have in mind when creating your quiz.

It has to be a great experience for your visitors, something that will bring true value to them.

Knowing exactly what their pain points are and helping them find answers with the quiz is what you should aim for.

Which superhero are you seems like a pretty fun quiz, but it won’t do your visitors any good or help them with their problems.

Well, unless you are selling superhero outfits, then it’s all good.

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Create something that will make their day, just like Saito does for his customers.