Most idiotic thing I’ve heard lately about making sales with emails (and so many make this mistake)

So a few weeks back, I was talking to one agency owner who was looking for some help with email marketing.

To be honest, we didn’t really hit it off, his attitude was very…arrogant, to say at least.

But the cherry on top was when he said that they only focus on doing sales with emails.

Which is OK, of course, we are doing this to get more sales at the end of the day.

But what he meant was, that they only send out sales emails and that he doesn’t care about any other emails.

Really now? I asked.

By his logic, if an email doesn’t have $$$ attached next to the stats, it’s not worth anything, so no point in doing it.

Now, let me tell you something that this agency owner didn’t get right.

Marketing 101.

We buy from people and brands we like and trust.

So how are you building that relationship and trust if all you do is just slam sales on each and every email?

You don’t! You’re just like any other low level marketer that spams subscribers with irrelevant offers.

Yeah, you’ll get some sales in, because there will always be some small percentage of the list (if it’s big enough) that will be ready to buy right there and then. Rule of big numbers.

But you’re sabotaging yourself and leaving so much more money on the table.

People come to your list at different stages in the buying cycle (something I’ll talk a little bit more in depth in my next email, because that shit is important), and you need to use your emails to guide them through those stages. All the way to the finish line where they are ready to buy.

So even though sending educational or just entertaining emails may seem of no use (like to that agency owner), they all add up to building more trust and creating a closer relationship.

And you can view that as a multiplier for when you send your sales email. It’s going to be much more effective, because you primed your list and led more of your subscribers towards the stage where they are ready to buy.

It’s like meat. Tastes a lot better when you marinate it first instead of just throwing it to the grill.

So the next time you plan on sending a sales email (and we all know that time of year is coming), think what have you done until then to build that relationship and trust.

Keep on rocking,

P.S. If you need some help scheming an evil email promo strategy for upcoming holidays, let’s chat. (I also do non-evil ones, but evil sounds way cooler)