How should you talk to your subscribers aka 5 stages of awareness

In my last email I mentioned how people come to your list at different stages in the buying cycle.

Let me sprinkle some marketing grains of wisdom on you so you can understand exactly what this is about.

When your subscribers join your email list, they are in one of these stages of awareness:

  1. Unaware
  2. Pain aware
  3. Solution aware
  4. Product aware
  5. Most aware

Unaware subscribers are the ones who don’t even know that they have a problem. They don’t feel the pain yet.

And let me remind you that every product or service, in it’s essence, solves some sort of problem/pain. Let’s take, I dunno, veggies as an example.

So someone who doesn’t eat real veggies every day is not even aware what effects this has on their health. They say ignorance is bliss, not really, especially in this case.

Those who are pain aware feel the effects on their health already. They get fat, they feel fatigued, tired etc. But, they are not sure yet what is causing this and what the solution for their pain could be.

Those who are solution aware feel that pain and they understand that the solutions for that pain exists.

Product aware are those who know veggies are one of the solutions to solve their pain. They could also be considering medications, working out etc.

And finally, those who are most aware know that eating veggies every day is the best way to solve their pain.

Clear? OK.

So let me ask you, if you were to sell veggies, would you approach someone who is pain aware and someone who is most aware the same way?

Of course not. Those who are pain aware need to get educated first on the benefits of eating veggies (they won’t buy them if they don’t believe in them). Those who are most aware already know that (you’ll probably just bore them), all they need is a good deal from you.

So give good thoughts on your traffic sources and think at what stage of awareness they land on your website. Not every traffic is the same.

And they all need to be guided through these specific stages all the way to the final, most aware, stage. Buying doesn’t happen until that stage!

That’s what you use your emails for, and that’s what really means to “nurture” leads.

It’s the first thing I think about when creating email strategy for my clients, and if you need help, book a call here.

Enjoy your week,