3 things I like most about Drip and why everyone should use them

I don’t like wasting time, it’s something you can never get back (or buy more of, I wish!).

That’s why I love automation, it saves me so much time I would otherwise spend on repeatable tasks.

Not to mention that once you have automation set up, you can be sure it will always do those tasks at the right time.

And when it comes to email marketing automation (and even beyond emails), Drip is one of my favorites.

If you want to know everything there is to know, I wrote a very detailed Drip marketing automation review here. That said, let’s start with the 3 things I like most about Drip.

Easy way to create your automation sequences with the visual workflow builder

I’d say this is Drip’s main selling point. I couldn’t image Drip being Drip without this.

The visual workflow builder gives you an easy way to construct your automation sequences.

You can see exactly what kind of path you’ve set your subscribers on. Sort of like creating a mind map, but for your sales funnel.

When you plan for automation you really need to wrap your head around all the possible scenarios. So that you are sure everything flows smoothly.

We are visual beings after all, that’s how our brains work the best.

So when you see the big picture of what’s going on, it makes any marketing automation job that much easier. You make sure all the bases are covered and no subscriber gets left out with the right email. (or gets sent the wrong one, that would be awkward to say at least).

The time when Pinterest sent wedding congratulation emails to single women. Ouch!

Go beyond basic automation with liquid language support

The more I use liquid, the more I love it.

If you don’t know what liquid is, it’s an open-source template language developed by Shopify.

It’s the backbone behind dynamic content in your Drip emails.

But you don’t just use liquid to show dynamic content in your emails, no no and no!

You can do so much more with this.

As an example, you can use it inside your workflows for branching decisions. You can perform automation rules, set up custom fields for your subscribers (and specific lead scoring), track time periods and more.

Using liquid to track the current date and then sending an appropriate email based on that date during the campaign.

In short, using liquid gives you flexibility to customize your automation in almost any way you want to.

Is it hard to understand for someone not familiar with code and programming?

A little bit at the start, but there are a lot of references online where you can learn how it works. With a bit of time, it’s not that complicated (aren’t most things in life like that?).

Alternatively, you can always get help from a professional.

Even if you are not that good with programming, you can always save a specific liquid syntax as a snippet (something I also love about Drip), and you won’t ever need to write it again. Just add in the snippet where you need it and voilà, it’s good to go.

Know exactly what your subscribers do on your website and send action-triggered emails with the site code snippet

This thing is awesome!

Once you add Drip’s Javascript snippet to your website, you’ll be able to track exactly what every individual subscriber (or anonymous visitor) is doing on your website.

This works even for anonymous visitors and goes way beyond just seeing stats.

It’s the secret sauce behind automating and personalizing your communication with subscribers – based of their engagement.

I’ll give you an example how an ecommerce store can use site code tracking to their advantage.

For example, your subscriber visits a specific product category page, but doesn’t make a purchase.

If they visit again a few times, you’ll know it (data gets saved to your Drip). It means they are showing interest in that product.

Based on those stats, you are able to send a specific email offer to all the people who visited those product pages a certain amount of times (and of course, you’ll automate this process). Isn’t that cool? But it doesn’t end there.

Knowing who they are and what they did, you can set up an automation to add them to your Facebook custom audience and target them with specific ads. This goes beyond your website, at places where they spend a lot of time online.

Talk about increasing conversions the smart way.

And I’m telling you, if you want to make sales, you have to be top-of-mind with your customers. With so many distractions online, you can’t expect they’ll only think about you.

Sending the right message at the right time(with the right offer), that’s what it’s all about!


These are the 3 things that I think set Drip apart from every other email marketing platform out there.

I could go on and talk about how cool their events and tagging system is. Or how sweet their form builder is, or how handy workflow sharing is among all other things…

But just because of these 3 powerful options within Drip, you are already getting a bang for your buck. And you can take your email marketing to a more sophisticated level.

Want to try out Drip and completely automate your email marketing? You can sign up here. And yes, you even have a free plan with all the options unlocked, so there is 0 risk to try it out. This is my affiliate link btw., I recommend only the stuff I like using myself.

If you want to know more about Drip and everything you can do with it before you try, Check out my detailed Drip marketing automation review here.

Already using Drip and loving it? Let me know what you like most about it in the comments below.