Lucifer’s school of selling

Ever seen the show Lucifer?

Long story short: Lucifer hates it in hell, comes to the city of angels aka LA and does whatever the king of hell does – usually sex, bourbon and rock n’ roll.

And he also solves murder cases when he gets the time.

My girlfriend and I are huge fans. We can’t wait for Mondays to see what the devil is up to. šŸ™‚

He has all the usual powers you’d expect from a celestial being: super strength, can’t die from bullets, has wings (which he hates)…and he has one power that makes him the best damned (see what I did there) salesman in the world.

I mean, you have to be a good salesman if you want to trade for people’s souls, right?

But he doesn’t do hell stuff any more in the show and uses that power to solve murder cases.

So what’s the power?

In every episode he says this to the suspect: “Tell me your deepest desire”

And no one can resist not to tell him…except one person but I won’t spoil.

But you can see, even the devil uses the basic fundamental of selling – find out what people want and give it to them.

That’s the main lesson.

Know your market and drive your communication towards their burning desires.

You don’t need any superpowers for that, you can do it the good ol’ mortal way, check the customer avatar guide for instructions.