The 2 kinds of people who “eat” your copy

I feel like there are 2 kinds of people when it comes to eating.

People like me, who will almost always eat everything on their plate.

Because we would feel like weaklings for not being able to clean up our plate, or would just feel bad about throwing the food away (if you can’t keep as leftovers).

And then, there are people like my girlfriend…

She will only go for the best parts, those that look aesthetically pleasing to her.

I don’t know why, but if the food isn’t looking nice, she’ll put it aside…and I’m the one who will eat it – you already know why.

She’s also the type of person who trims the fat off the meat by the way.

But hey, I’m not really complaining, I get the real best parts! šŸ™‚

OK, so we have two types of people here:

Those who eat everything…and those who will only pick the best looking parts.

Kinda the same way how people are “digesting” your copy, eh? šŸ˜‰

Some will read everything, word for word…and some will just read the headlines, look at images and calls to action.

Have both of these types of readers in mind when you write or review the copy you received.

Whether it’s email, sales page or even a blog post…

…if it has a bit more content – make sure that your “pretty” parts (headlines, bold text, images, captions…) have enough information/emotion for the quick reader to take action.

And keep all the “ugly” (but important) details for those who like to read the whole thing – these kind of guys will always read everything you throw at them so don’t be afraid to use as much copy as you need to make a point.