What kind of a game makes the crowd go wild?

I was watching an NBA game between Nuggets and Pacers yesterday.

I’m a big basketball fan, but you don’t have to be one to understand what I’ll tell you.

The game was a classic beauty.

The home team, Pacers were losing for the whole game until the 3rd quarter.

They managed to get back and it was a pretty even game for the last 6 minutes. It was interesting to see how their fans started cheering louder and louder as the game started to get more intense and near the end.

The game went into overtime and the Pacers kept getting better and better.

The whole Bankers Life Fieldhouse was on their feet, shouting, cheering after every successful basket from their home team. With such support from the home crowd, Pacers won the game in OT.

I loved the crowd’s reaction and it got me thinking, what usually makes a good basketball game, what makes the crowd go wild?

Battle, uncertainty, struggle.

It’s when the home team has to fight for every point, when every move is crucial.

We just love watching heroes overcome obstacles.

When it’s a blowout game (meaning the home team is kicking other ones asses), people just sit, eat their chips and drink their beer. And before the game even ends, they stand up and start going home to avoid the traffic. They already know who won and it’s not interesting anymore.

If you look closely at the things that make the game interesting to watch, it’s the same thing that makes a good story.

You have the hero, something he has to overcome and fight with and then you have the big transformation and happy end.

It’s what every good movie does, it’s what every good TV show does.

We love it and we can’t have enough of it. It brings emotions.

That’s why I always try to implement as much of these story elements as I can when I create email sales funnels for my clients.

It makes emails more interesting to read and we remember stories a lot better than just raw facts.

That’s a fact! šŸ˜‰

Hope you’re having a great week,