Who the hell wears 15+ years old clothes!?

It’s been some time, last email that went out was mid December
and I’ve decided to take an extended “holiday” break.

Back to business now.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and saw one of
those memories they show you from time to time. You know, those
photos you added long time ago.

Anyway, it was me back in the day (some 13-14 years ago) when I
was training parkour.

I saw myself wearing black and white tracksuit by Nike and I
started laughing my ass off.

Here is the pic (I’m around 18 here):


For a little background, that tracksuit was probably one of the
first branded clothes my mom and dad bought me, when I was still
in elementary school. I think I was 13 back then.

We knew I still had some growing to do, so it was a bit bigger
than me, but I was expected to grow into it.

So that tracksuit is old, really old.

But this wasn’t why I was laughing, I laughed because I had that
same tracksuit on me at that moment when I saw the memory on

I was wearing that tracksuit on most of my trainings. I climbed
over stuff, I rolled on concrete, on ground. Crashed so many
times on my bike with it, I still wear it when I go play
basketball…and I’m wearing it at home to this day.

The tracksuit, you would expect it to look really worn and torn,
but ney, it’s the same color, same quality as it was on day 1. I
know that because when I compare the bottom part (which I wore so
much) and the top part (which I can probably count on my fingers
how many times I had it on me), there is no difference.

It pays to invest in good quality products. In something that
will be evergreen.

The same way it pays to write a killer evergreen blog post that
will drive traffic on your site for years ahead.

And the same way it pays to create quality evergreen email
sequence that will sell your service or product, on autopilot,
for years ahead.

Quality > anything else

I help my clients, and I can help you, with the email thingy. But for the
tracksuit, you’ll have to find one like that by yourself. šŸ™‚