How to get better at writing (so simple but works wonders)

There is one little-known technique which separates average copywriters from great ones. Or at least helps them get better in less time.

Gary Halbert said it’s one of the best ways to get better at writing. Dan Kennedy said it too. And if you’d ask all the other great copywriters, they’d probably agree.

Look, you don’t even have to be a pro copywriter to benefit from this. If you do any writing for your business, it’s going to help you tremendously.

So what is it?

Well, it’s simpler than you’d think and I’ll tell you exactly why it works wonders.

You take an ad, email, sales letter, or whatever marketing piece that you like or know gave great results. You take it, and then you write it out word for word on a piece of paper.

Forget about the keyboard, you have to write it out by hand, this is crucial!

You might be thinking now, OK Zoran, how the hell is this going to help me get better at writing copy?

For one thing, it’s going to give you better rhythm in writing.

When we write stuff out by hand, something magical happens.

You probably experienced this yourself at some point in your life. Everything we write out gets easier to remember. Try to remember school days, you most likely got a better grasp of the subject when you read and wrote about it instead of only reading it.

While you write, it’s like the time slows down, and you get to really understand what is going on in the copy and what purpose each line has.

This is something you would never notice just by reading it (or typing with keyboard) because we do this way faster than writing by hand.

As you do it on a regular basis, your mind will create a template for any future writing work.

Our brains work like that. If we repeat something enough times, it’s going to become second nature to us. The brain loves to be efficient and put stuff on automation.

You probably had to focus really hard when you first learned how to drive, especially if you have manual transmission aka stick shift. Release the accelerator pedal, press the clutch, change gears, slowly release the clutch while pressing the accelerator again.  But soon enough, it became automatic for you and now you don’t even need to think about it (I had to visualize in my mind to go through all these steps lol).

It’s no different when writing great copy.

Try it out yourself and let me know how your experience was when doing this.

Have a great week,