Crafty little Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo tip

Here’s a story from way back when I was a little kid.

Here in Croatia, we have our own version of trick or treat kind of stuff. Yes, kids put on masks and go around people’s home, but it’s a bit different.

When people opened the doors, we would sing a song and even dance. For our glorious efforts, we would get eggs, krafne (like doughnuts, but better – google it) or cash instead of candy. Of course, cash was what us hard working kids aimed for, ha!

Anyway, I loved that time of the year as a little kid. We had fun wearing our masks on and going around the neighborhood to try and earn some money…or come back home with bunch of eggs and beg our moms to make us crepes – this was a more common scenario.

And the next day, we would share experiences in school. I remember when one kid told us how he got like 20x or 30x more money than the rest of us.

What was his brilliant tactic?

He went hunting one day earlier than everyone else. And he went through our whole little town doing it.

Entrepreneurial little guy, wasn’t he? šŸ˜€

People didn’t expect him, so when he rang the bell, almost everyone opened their doors. And since they didn’t have eggs or krafne ready, most of them gave him some cash. Talk about conversion rates!

Here is what I want you to take from this.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon. You can imagine how everyone’s inbox will look like. I mean, everybody, including their grandmas, will send some sort of promo email.

Do you think you’ll stand out in there? You wish!

So what can you do? Get in earlier than everybody else. Or as they say, early bird gets the worm.

There are a couple of ways you can go about this, I’ll leave it up to you. But even sending that special email offer a couple of days earlier will do the work.

Don’t forget to give your list a juicy deal though, they expect it. (try saying “juicy deal though” fast lol)

Be crafty,

P.S. Or you can hire my crafty mind to execute this for you. Not promising anything because it’s pretty busy for me already, but who knows, you might get me interested.