5 tips to make your quiz shine – and give you the best leads

For the last two weeks I’ve been going to a massage therapist to help me with my back problems.

Sitting all day long with messy posture will do that to you.

The first time I came in, we went through a 15min talk, where he would ask everything about me and my condition.

And these weren’t just questions about my back, he asked me about my past health issues, my habits, my diet.

If there was anything odd, he would ask more specific questions about it.

He wanted to know as much as he could about me. That way, he’s able to prescribe me the best solution for my condition and do his job more efficiently.

As he said, it’s very important to him that he is really able to help his clients. If during the interview he saw that he wouldn’t be able to help me, he wouldn’t take my money. He would recommend me somewhere else to go, where they could help me.

Unlike the chiropractor I went to before him, who didn’t even bother with much questions, took my money and I was still feeling no results.

So right from the start, I knew I was in good hands, with a real professional who cares.

Kinda the same thing you want your visitors to feel like when they take your quiz.

So here are my 5 tips to make sure your quiz makes them feel like they’re going to be in good hands and that you get only top quality leads.

1. Ask as many questions you need to be able to give them a solution. Don’t limit yourself to some standard practice you see online. If you are solving some complex issue, it’s natural that you’ll need to ask more specific questions to be able to provide the best solution. On the other side, if you are able to solve some pain point just by asking 3 questions, don’t add more unnecessary stuff and waste their time.
It’s the same philosophy I use when writing copy, I don’t care about word count, I care about making a point.

2. Make it more personal, go deeper. With Interact, you are able to use branching logic, meaning that you can add specific questions for each prior answer. If you came to the doctor and said you have a sore throat, he wouldn’t just say “OK, take these pills and report back to me in a week”. He would ask you for specifics, for how long, how does the pain feel, any other symptoms and so on.

3. Use their specific answers and add that data to your email list so you can address these in your emails. You can get loads of data with a quiz, use it in your email copy so that your new subscriber really feels like you are talking directly to him. In other words, you’re able to personalize the sh*t out of your emails, do it and make them more powerful.

4. When you give them the results, show them the value of joining your email list. Have emails set to continue the story about their results and send the first one immediately when they subscribe. If you have a sequence (which I recommend you do), don’t wait days to send them the next one. Send them one each day, give them info while they’re still hot and interested. Even better, offer them an option that they can receive the next email immediately if they click a trigger link in your email. You can do that easily with Drip by the way.

5. Avoid fake or secondary emails by giving them an option not to opt in to get the initial quiz results. Your list may grow a bit slower, but those who do subscribe are the ones who really want to hear more from you – your best leads. And we already know that the most engaged subscribers are also your best customers. You are in business of making sales, not building huge unresponsive lists!

That’s all from me for today.


By the way, it’s snowing like crazy right now here in Croatia. I’m a little child at heart and can’t wait for the weekend to go out and have some fun.