When should you consider implementing email automation in your business?

Email automation isn’t just for big boys anymore. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Now you’re like, wait what?

Here is the thing…Email automation, when implemented correctly, can be a massive time saver for businesses and a huge profit booster. But only when you have rock solid foundations.

What I mean by foundations?

The core offer.

If your offer doesn’t convert through a simple sales email, consider on improving that offer and see how you can get those numbers up first.

And you do that through market research + trial and error. If you aren’t failing enough, you are not trying hard enough! (it’s OK to fail, seriously)

Then, when you know you have a winner, you can start using various upsells/downsells/whatnot.

Now you can start thinking on how to scale everything to a more proficient level – and you do that through automation, of course.

It’s a waste of time and money to implement all the fancy stuff if the foundations aren’t strong. Else, everything will just collapse (or be very shaky).

Got rock solid foundations? Then let’s build that skyscraper and put that baby on autopilot.

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