All roads should lead to your email list

I was browsing through Quora today and found an interesting question:
“What was the biggest mistake you made in marketing?”

And there was an answer from Noah Kagan (the guy behind AppSumo). His story was pretty shocking, listen to this.

10 years ago his company was, at that time, the largest Facebook app developer.

They had constant problems with Facebook changing their API, so every week they had to adjust all their apps and games.

They were forced to play by their rules!

Facebook also had a say in how they interact with their players/customers.

Even with all these problems and rules, their daily revenue got to $150000! So yeah, things were looking amazing for them.

Then, almost instantly, they lost everything!

One day, Facebook decided to ban them. Within 24 hours, their daily revenue dropped by 10x! From 150k to 15k…POOF!

They were done!

Shocked? This is what happens when you play on someone else’s field.

If you rely on someone else to obtain customers, you are at their mercy.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter or whatever else there is at the time…

It’s silly to let your business be controlled by these guys. They can change the rules for you whenever they like and they won’t care a bit.

This is why all roads should lead to your email list.

You don’t depend on anyone, you communicate with your customers directly and everything is in your hands.

All the more reason for you to seriously invest in a profitable email sales funnel to grow your business (or double down on existing one). That way, just because someone somewhere had a brain fart and decided to change their rules, your business won’t burn down in less than 24 hours.

If you need help in getting your email automation off the ground, book a call with me here and let’s get it done.