Times change, people don’t

This image here is funny and true at the same time:

mail vs email

And it captures perfectly how people usually react to things.

When there is abundance of something, our mind stops giving it that much attention (and we don’t value it that much anymore).

When it’s something completely different than what you are used to, your brain has to stop the autopilot processing and work to process this “new” thing.

Imagine you received a hand written letter from someone.

Would you throw it away or would you open it?

Would you skim it, or would you give it a lot more attention?

You would probably read the whole thing, word for word.

That’s just natural.

Because getting a handwritten letter is not something that you are used to, not something that happens on everyday basis.

Not something that your brain has down on autopilot, like scanning through loads of emails for example.

So how can you apply this in your marketing?

In it’s essence, it’s simple – look what everyone else is doing…and do the opposite, don’t be afraid to stand out (in a smart way though).

That’s how you get more attention and that’s how you get people to actually stop and think about what you have to say.

It’s really interesting how, even though we’ve advanced so much through the years, our minds still work in their most basic, primal ways.

Times change…but people, not that much.


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