Can you write high converting emails in 10 minutes or less?

These days, everyone wants to get more by doing less.

And the idea of spending 10 minutes on a profitable email seems like a dream.

That’s why we have whole interwebz crawling with various email copywriting templates.

Cold pitches, onboarding sequences, launch sequences…whatever your little email heart desires, there’s a template for it somewhere.

And I can’t blame these people, they are just looking for an easy way out, everyone wants that.

But, dammit, good email is what is doing all the selling for you. Do you really want to spend 10 minutes on it and then be done with it?

What would be more important than that?

Imagine you want to make an awesome dinner for your significant other.

And instead of taking the time and love to make something great, you just toss some sh1t into the microwave because it’s faster.

So we’ve got a bunch of would be marketers using various templates and tossing them into microwave.

They don’t even make an effort to modify it for their voice.

They don’t even take a few minutes of their time to just try and understand why is the template made the way it is and how can that copy be split into segments.

If you are using any email copywriting templates, you want to break them down into peaces, extract the formula to understand what makes them good and then rebuild with your own words.

Otherwise, you’ll be just like everyone else.

And if you remember my last email, being like everyone else doesn’t make you stand out in the crowd.

Playing it safe can hurt you more in the end.

But, is it really possible to write a good email from scratch in 10 minutes or less?

Yes, it is.

Like with everything though, you have to get there through experience.

The more you know about your market the easier it is.

There are some time tested copywriting formulas that you can use for structure, like the PAS (problem, agitate, solve) formula. Which is so simple, yet does the job so well.

But that’s all there is to it for you to know, the real content will come from your market.

And to get to know your market, you need to do the research.

Oh, by the way, if you want to see some of those formulas, my friends from Chamaileon have a pretty sweet article on it.

Again, don’t just blatantly copy stuff, use it as a guidance for structure and adapt the content to your voice.

Test it out and see what performs best for your list.


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