Why you should be selling in your first email

From time to time, I see some marketers posting how you should nurture your new subscribers first and not sell to them.

Then after they simmer and soften up to you (like a potato would), that’s when you hit them with your offer.

These kind of posts are usually followed with loads of “ur d best” comments…whatever.

You can do that with your emails…if you want to lose on sales.

But since you are reading me, my guess is that you want the exact opposite, yes?

There is one big flaw with this advice, even thought it’s solid. It assumes that all new subscribers are at the beginning stage of the buying process – that they have no idea what exactly it is they want.

What about other people who come to your website searching exactly for the things you have on offer?

It’s like you’re having a burger stand and there is hungry crowd in front of you.

If you’re smart, you’ll be flippin’ those burgers right away.

You can talk how you use grass fed beef in your burgers and how you are using recipe your grandfather created 70 years ago after they got what they wanted.

You still want them to know more about you and connect better, but if they are already hungry, feed them first!

Not all traffic is created equal, so don’t be shy about selling in your first email – but don’t make the email all about sales either. It’s all about balance.

My welcome email guide gives you ideas on content for your first email and getting that balance just right.