How to sell without making it obvious

I’ve had a really interesting conversation with my friend the other day.

We were having lunch and I was talking to him about how distilled water is probably the healthiest option to drink out there.

Like almost everyone, he wasn’t really sold on the idea.

You don’t usually see people drinking it on a daily basis.

It’s something you’d use for clothes iron or things like that.

Now, he’s not a dumb guy, he’s actually pretty smart.

But he needed to be reminded how distillation process works.

So I reminded him what happens during that distillation process – all the crap that usually gets in the water (fluoride, various solids and nasty things from pipes) stays in the pot.

Only pure water evaporates and gets condensed into a separate jug.

And you’re left with clean H2O.

Then I explained why people think it’s not good. You’d usually hear that it has no minerals, so your body will miss them.

But I immediately went on answering that objection, mentioning how our bodies like to use minerals from organic sources (food). And with proper diet, you shouldn’t worry about it.

I also told him how I’ve heard a lot of people praising the switch to distilled water and how even UFC fighters use it to cut and flush out crap from their system.

Long story short, after I provided him with all the information, he came to the conclusion himself.

To quote him:

“Well, looks like maybe I’d need to get me one of those, huh?”

He was sold and we were just having a talk!

Few things that came in play here:

I’ve had an existing relationship with him. It was easier to have him listen to what I say.

I taught him something he wasn’t even aware of. Gave him all the information and he was able to make a logical conclusion by himself.

When he had the information on how it works and why it’s good for the body, he realized that he may benefit from distilled water.

Desire was there.

Me mentioning how other people had good experience with it and how even UFC guys (he likes UFC – emotional connection) just added more credibility to everything.

Not once did I tell him that he should switch on drinking distilled water. I just told him what I knew and my experience with it.

I didn’t even had to ask if he’d be interested in buying a distiller, he came to that point himself.

If I was selling distillers, all I had to do was ask him which color does he want.

And bam! Sale made.


P.S. I’m not saying you should switch to drinking only distilled water. Think through and make informed decisions for yourself. My experience with it was OK, drank it for more than 30 days and even had a 5 day fast only on distilled water. I haven’t died nor did I felt any different. But my diet is also pretty strict and I was sure I was getting all the nutrients my body needs to work. I still want to do a complete research with real numbers from before/after tests, then I’d feel confident to rave about it. But a lot of it logically makes sense and there are just so many people that have good experience with it, there is something to it.

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