Easy way to tell you’re in a lousy restaurant

This one little detail will tell you exactly how good the food will be when you sit down in a restaurant.

70% of the time, works every time.

Even if you haven’t tasted anything yet!

So you might be thinking…is it pricing?

It’s not.

It’s not about the interiors or the service either.

It’s not even how full the place is or how many reviews it’s got. (even though this can tell you a lot)

None of that.

Instead, next time you look at the menu, pay attention to how many items are on the menu.

If the menu has a lot of dishes, usually with different types of cuisine, don’t expect to have a meal of your life.

The reasons are simple:

Ingredients won’t be fresh or high quality. That’s because they have so many items on the menu, it’s too expensive to have all the fresh ingredients ready and waiting every day. At least 50% of those items on the menu won’t even be ordered every day, because they’ve given so many choices to people.

And because they try to offer different types of cuisine, there is no clear focus and the quality of actual cooking probably isn’t that high either.

I seriously doubt you’ve had great Chinese in a place where they also serve pizza.

And this isn’t true just for restaurants.

It’s for any service you use, online or offline.

Don’t expect great email marketing results from someone that also does social media and SEO. (don’t expect good social media and SEO either)

There is no focus!

Like with those restaurants, there is just too much of everything to keep up with when you spread so wide.

Which leads to no focus and the quality drops.

Want results? You have to have focus.

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