You need haters in your business

Having haters is great.

It means you are doing something that people notice.

And there will always be those who hate, but on the other side there will also be those who love what you’re doing.

The worst thing is to have no haters, that means your content is not sparking any emotion.

Emotion is the one that sells, you need emotion.

Also, there are two types of haters.

Dumb haters and smart haters.

Dumb haters are just, dumb. They won’t even care what you do, they just do it for the hate of it.

And that’s great too, they are one of your most loyal followers. They’ll bring in more traffic.

But there are also smart haters.

These kind of haters are even better!

First, they will hate you.

Good! it means you sparked emotion in them.

But then, they will also be bigger than their ego and are able to transform from haters to your biggest evangelists.

Gotta love when you have one of these.

So if you notice you are getting more and more haters in your business, it just means you are heading in the right way. šŸ˜‰


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