Neatly packaged turd is still a turd

Sometimes I just don’t have the time to cook a proper meal and have to resort to something I really don’t like – takeout.

Ugh! In that situation I usually end up ordering pizza, because everything else gets soggy during the delivery.

These kind of places also use the cheapest ingredients possible, the food usually tastes like crap and looks nothing like on their website.

What they show me on the website is just a neatly packaged turd in disguise, appealing to my hungry eyes. Then when it’s time to deliver, I end up on the losing end wondering how anyone can eat that crap.

I don’t know, am I just having high standards when it comes to food? Do you have better experience with takeouts?

Anyway, that’s the reason why I order takeout as my last (hungry) resort.

And you can see neatly packaged turds like that everywhere online, not just with food.

Over-promising and under-delivering…should be other way around, right?

Email can sell anything, even a turd.

But very soon, like me with takeout, the list will grow very frustrated with what they receive for their money.

All I’m saying is this: always focus on quality and (over)delivering – the long game. If you got that down, any kind of marketing, not just emails, will work wonders for you.

Marketing is just an amplifier for a good offer, not the offer itself.

Btw. if you want to amplify your non-turdy offers with some sexy email automation – I’m just a click away.