The impossible is often the untried

Every time I check my mailbox(real life one) I feel motivated, whether I want to or not.

There is this mini blue sticker with yellow letters saying:
“The impossible is often the untried”

Whoever put it there, really wanted to inspire the residents in our building…

I like the quote though, it’s a great one!

Thinking like that is what landed people on the moon.

Sometimes, we keep ourselves inside made up borders and are afraid to go through them.

Afraid of the unknown.

Happens with emails too.

Ever had an idea for an email or whole series of them, but decided not to do it because it seemed like it wouldn’t work?

Or continue doing the same things with your emails all the time, just because it’s good enough and don’t want to break it?

But you see, with emails, you don’t have to risk everything and travel over 350000km like Neil Armstrong did just to see if it is possible or not.

So you don’t have to do things like these with your whole email list…segment!

And you can be pretty sure if the idea is going to be good or not.

You have, still very very underutilized, thing called A/B testing.

Embrace the A/B testing and try out your ideas on a small chunk of your list.

You never know when you’ll find a winner. šŸ˜‰

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