Your emails should be like your wingman

There’s this term in dating niche that’s called a wingman.

Let’s say you are meeting someone new and want them to really like you.

Wingman is the person that joins in the conversation (or starts it) and then builds you up.

Basically, makes them see what’s so special about you.

The wingman isn’t there to do the closing, that would just be a lousy wingman!

He (or she) is there to establish a better connection between you and that other person you are trying to win over.

And your initial emails should be just like your wingman.

They should build you up and tell your readers what’s so special about your product or service.

Their goal should be to establish connection between you and your readers – OK, you can use some soft selling if you can fit it in, but they don’t really go for hard closing.

That’s what your main sales email does.

It also has just one goal, to close the deal.

And it will do it a lot more effective if the wingman does a little bit of talking for you. šŸ˜‰


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