Chef’s way of doing email automation

A cool idea came to me today while I was cooking.

You know how, whenever you do stuff in advance, it just makes all the things easier?

For a bit different example, today I haven’t done anything in advance.

I just came home directly from the farmer’s market and started cooking.

First I washed the carrots.

Then I peeled them.

Then I chopped them up.

Then I did the same thing with paprika; wash, clean, chop.

Tossed those boys to the pan.

After that I cleaned and chopped some garlic, tossed it in as well.

As these veggies are frying in the pan, I take out the chicken breast. (so cliché…I know, I actually like other parts of chicken more)

And now I have to clean the meat and slice that up as well.

Then I had to go wash my hands from the meat, because cross contamination and stuff.

So now I have to grab spices and season everything.

All the while I was also placing the gnocchi to the pot.

I could go into more step details, but I think these are enough to prove a point of how much stuff I did during the actual cooking.

At one moment, I thought to myself, I have to do so much of these little stupid things and if I just did them all in advance, I’d have a much easier time now.

It’s called prep work.

And I’ll be honest, I rarely do it. I guess it’s usually enough for me to handle and I’m OK with cooking in a bit of chaos.

But if I were to do anything more complex than just a quick lunch, I’d definitely do the prep work.

The same way good chefs have prep work done before cooking a meal is the same way you have to do the prep work before firing up your email automation.

You have to think about all the possible little things that can happen and plan that in advance, so you don’t have chaos later.

Because once it starts cooking and something burns, you usually have to toss it and start all over.

Now, let’s talk about the kitchen you cook in.

Some email services don’t have all the necessary appliances to create a 5 star meal.

That’s OK though, you can still make a fine meal.

And your guests won’t be hungry, and you won’t be hungry.

But if you want to cook 5 star meals, you need a kitchen with all the necessary tools to support you.

And when it comes to cooking email automation, this is one badass kitchen I love working in.

Bon appétit,

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