Cheesy subject line tactics

I don’t know if you’ve heard about these subject line tactics or not, but here is what I’m talking about.

Some “experts” will suggest that using Re: or Fw: before subject line is a great idea to stand out in inbox and make email look more natural (like you’ve had a conversation with the person already).

While there may be chances you’ll get a slight increase in opens, it’s pretty much the same thing as going through the red light in traffic.

You might get away with it once and save that 1 minute of your life, but eventually, you’ll get pulled over by the police or even worse, cause an accident.

These are cheesy tactics that don’t bring any long term benefits.

Re: in subject line implies that the person has replied to the email you have sent out.

Now why the hell would you place a Re: in subject line if that person hasn’t replied at all?

There was no conversation going on to begin with.

It’s just deceiving the reader.

People see right through this and you’re just hurting your credibility.

And poor credibility is a pretty fast way for your emails to make spam folder their new home.

Same thing goes for Fw: type of emails.

If you feel the need to use these things to boost your open rates, better take a look at the content you are sending out and making sure it provides value so people actually want to open.

I received emails like these from a reputable email marketing platform and couldn’t believe they’d do sh*t like that. So I had to write this to you just in case you don’t try doing this kind of crap.

Be honest, be transparent and always think long term.


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