Would you go with the herd?

I’ve been watching an older episode of Brain Games the other day.

In case you don’t know about it, it’s a cool show that demonstrates through various tests/games how our brains work.

This episode, they did a test where people had to compare and pick 2 same straight lines in different pictures.

It’s kind of hard to explain without writing a lot, but don’t worry I’ll have the vid link at the end so you’ll see for yourself.

Anyway, the test was also created in a way that you can’t really tell what the correct answer would be, and that’s where the fun started.

Once the first few chose the wrong answer, majority chose that same wrong answer, even though they weren’t so sure if it’s the correct answer.

And because they weren’t sure about what the correct answer would be, they figured all these people must know something and they just went with the herd.

We call this social proof.

Let’s switch it into buying decisions.

How many times you needed to make a buying decision, but weren’t sure about it and decided not to buy something?

Or you saw a review somewhere that made an impact on your decision to buy?

It happens all the time, it’s normal.

The majority of your customers aren’t early adopters. Majority of your customers are all those who first wait for some proof from others.

As they explain it at the end of the clip, this herd mentality is built in our brains.

There is safety in numbers.

Social proof can be so powerful in your emails or sales pages.

If you get a good testimonial, you can write up an email that will drive the sales just using that story, you don’t need to place anything else in the email except the call to action.

I’m serious, I’ve done this in some sequences and it works if done right.

Check the clip from Brain Games here.

And if you have good reviews/testimonials, be sure to use them to beef up your copy.

If you don’t have any, get busy and reach out to your customers.


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