Using social media for sales just doesn’t make sense to me

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You know what doesn’t make sense to me?

People who put all their efforts into using social media and expect to get huge direct sales numbers out of it.

I mean, there are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t go all in with social media if your goal is to get sales:

  1. This is the most important one.
    You are playing on someone else’s playground by their rules.
    At any time, facebook, twitter or any other channel can (and it happens) terminate your account without much reason.
    All those followers, all those likes you’ve worked hard for, gone in a second. Also, they all have expiration date, sooner or later they go down and people move elsewhere. (hello myspace)
  2. People don’t hang out on social media to buy. They are not in the buying mode, they are in the chilling mode. You don’t go on facebook when you want to buy a product/service that will solve your problem, am I right?
  3. You get very little attention time. There is so much stuff going on these kind of sites, they are designed to keep the visitor in and to scroll until their fingers fall off. Do you really think you stand a chance next to all those cats and clickbait headlines?

Instead, social media should be used as your extended market research tool. This is the place where you try to build up brand awareness and get some engagement through content sharing.

Which in return means more info for you and all your other channels that bring in the money (email, ads, SEO etc…).

So yeah, not saying social media sucks, just that you need to know what to use it for.

You could say that, when used right, it’s a lever that will help you lift up all your other marketing channels.

Listen to your market and then plug those insights into your email, where there will be just them and your message.

No distractions.

On your playing field.

By your rules.


P.S. Want to know how exactly to use the info you receive by listening? Check my guide on customer avatar for complete process.

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