Do you really need to build an email list to succeed?

It seems like an odd question, doesn’t it?

Of course, you need to have an engaged email list to make money with your emails.

But to get there, one of the best ways is to build an audience.

Audience and email list, pretty similar, but audience is everyone who knows you (regardless if they’re on your list or not).

You have people that hang out on various places around the web.

Some like watching videos, some enjoy listening to podcasts, some people read blogs…

…and of course, we have the whole social media thing.

These are their entry points to your business.

Through those channels, they get to know about you, even thought they might not be on your list (yet).

And that’s powerful!

Because when they do join your list, they’ll be a lot stronger subscriber because you already have some sort of relationship with them through other stuff that you do.

An example.

If someone joins your list because they saw an ad for your lead magnet, you have to rely only on your onboarding emails to establish relationship and them getting to know you.

Which isn’t ideal, as people won’t open your emails every time.

Because of that, other than your lead magnet ad, they don’t know much about you.

There are people who just grab the lead magnet and forget about the rest of your emails.

So even though they are on your list, they aren’t really that much into you.

Very big difference in engagement from someone who knows you from other channels and decides to join your email list.

So if you want to have a high quality email list and get to sales faster, work on building your audience to get that relationship developed before they even get on your list.


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