Purchased email list is like a box of chocolates…

…you never know what you’re gonna get.

That’s what my momma always says, or at least she would if she did any email marketing.

And it’s true, oh it’s so true!

Think about it, you are putting your trust and hard earned money into something that most likely wasn’t built on trust.

Usually these emails are just scraped off the interwebz, and a lot of them aren’t even used anymore.

And if someone did actually collect these emails the right way, do you really think they told their subscribers that their email will now get sold to a bunch of businesses to send them emails?

Because all that they are missing are more emails in their life.

Come on!

Do you also think you would be the first one to send an email to that list?

Hah, think again!

That list is a village bicycle, everyone had a ride. (smashing baby, yeah!)

Only thing you’ll get from a purchased email list is spam infection…and a kick in the ballz from your email service provider.

As far as emails (and ballz) go, that’s one thing you really don’t want.

Instead of spending money on buying a list, invest that money into list building.

Here is a quick thing you can do.

Create a good lead magnet that hits your target market and use all the money you meant to spend on purchasing a list into ads to get traffic to your landing page.

Not only that these emails will be hot leads interested in your business, they will also be safe to send emails to, because they gave you their permission.

You know, trust, one of the core elements of successful selling.

Another option is to find someone with an audience that you want to sell to and pay them to send your email to their list.

I can guarantee you that you’ll get better results (and build your list with hot leads again) than from a purchased email list.

And here is why.

That person already has established trust with their audience and if your product is really something that their audience needs, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Or invest into creating good content that will draw your audience to you organically. (but this might be a bit longer process)

I just want to say, you can’t just buy a quality email list.

Think of it like this:

If you’ve put a lot of effort and time to build good relationship with your list.

And that list is now making you money constantly every time you send an email.

Would you really offer it to everyone to have their way with it just to make a quick buck?

Of course not, you are smarter than that!

You would earn a lot more money by just doing what you’re doing instead of selling that list.

No quality list can be purchased, it must be built.

Sure, you may even get some results from a purchased email list that hasn’t already been run down by everyone, not saying you may not get lucky.

But sending to a purchased email list is still spamming, which will eventually turn around and bite you in the ass.

And it may end up costing you your reputation and a lot of money.

You definitely don’t want that!

But if you want to build your email list the right way, that makes you money every time you hit send, book a call with me here.

Other than that, if you see a purchased email list, my advice to you is:
Run Forrest, ruuuuun!

Have a lovely weekend,

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