How to make prospects to take action

I’ll admit, I tend to procrastinate on stuff.

Like a day ago, I finally replaced the light bulb in the kitchen, which has been out for a few days already.

Usually I do the cooking during the day when you have natural light, so we didn’t really need to use the kitchen in the evenings.

Until I wanted to cook us dinner, and that finally made me place a new light bulb. Now, I needed the light!

This is also a similar thing, when you are selling to those who are your target market, but they don’t feel the urge to buy your product yet (and you get a lot of leads like that).

They know they might need your product, but are not aware how much they really need it yet.

So what happens if they are unaware?

You see, people generally tend to postpone doing things if they don’t require immediate action, or to better put it, if they aren’t pressing on their pain points.

You can have a great offer, but if the copy isn’t making them aware of how painful the problem is, they won’t seek out the solution.

So what you want your copy to do is to really press on the pain points of your audience, your target market.

Make them real, the more aware of those pain points they get, the faster they’ll take action (buy).

And if you don’t know what the main pain points of your audience are, you need to create your customer avatar.

Luckily for you, I have a guide right here to give you some pointers


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