How long should an email be?

This question comes up a lot. My first answer would be, long enough to say what needs to be said. Long or short, doesn’t matter. If it delivers value to your audience, they will read it word for word. Focus more on clarity of the message, so that everything is easy to understand. My second … Read more

We have it easy

How long does it take to create an email? Not that much, right? And how long does it take for that email to get delivered? Usually less than a minute, unlike direct mail, where you’d have to wait as long as three weeks to get your mail delivered. Three weeks! And before even sending it, … Read more

How To Create The Most Perfect Welcome Email

How To Create The Most Perfect Welcome Email

In this guide you’ll learn: why welcome email is that important how to immediately build relationship with your subscribers how to structure your welcome email, from ground up But first, let me tell you a story. It’s very related to our subject. Last year, my girlfriend and I were looking for a place to go … Read more