Email marketing services


I’m using Drip for most of my work with clients and my blog.

Drip’s main focus is on creating email automations, that’s also the most important thing you want from your email service provider anyway.

Their visual way of creating automation workflows is easy to use and there is so much heavy automation stuff you can do, all with a great price. Seriously, if you want to supercharge your email marketing, this is the go to platform.

You can try it out for free with up to 100 subscribers and you’ll have all the features available. Get it here.



Before switching over to Drip, I used ConvertKit for all my email sending and list building.

It is such a cool platform for bloggers, most of the stuff is pretty simple to do, so it’s great if you are not that much of a techie.

I recommend this one if you run a blog and are looking for a light, easy to use platform with functionalities of some high end email automation services out there.

And you can get started doing awesome automations from justĀ $29/month. Get it here.


I can’t forget to mention one of the biggest email marketing platforms out there.

Most people started their email journey here. It was also the first platform I used when I started with emails.

Their free plan is available for up to 2000 subscribers. They also offer various templates to get you started with your email campaigns. If you want a more personalized/branded template, let me know and I can help you out.

You also have automations available in the free plan, so basically you are good to go with your email campaigns.

When you register through me and sign up for basic paid plan, you’ll get $30 extra credits to help you get started. Get it here.



Note that all of these are affiliate links, if I like using some service/product and think that it may be helpful to you, I share.