How I helped Slidebooks earn over $1,000,000 of extra revenue in 1 year with smart email marketing

"Hiring Zoran was one of the best strategic decisions we made this year"
Aurelien Domont
CEO, Slidebooks Consulting

The Client
Slidebooks Consulting

Slidebooks Consulting is an ecommerce store selling premium Business & Consulting Toolkits.

Their Toolkits, created by ex-Mckinsey, Deloitte and BCG Management consultants, have helped more than 200,000 Executives, Consultants and Entrepreneurs improve growth and efficiency of their organizations.


The Challenge
Low ROI and no real email strategy

Slidebooks Consulting was driving a lot of traffic with paid ads but the conversion rates weren’t good. The ROI was positive, but they knew there was a lot of opportunity they were missing out on.

“I’m convinced that by hiring a real professional I could get a way higher ROI. My main objective is to increase my revenue every month. Emailing should help me achieve this goal 9 out of 10.”

They needed a solid system that would convert their visitors into buyers, and buyers into repeat buyers.

Their current email strategy was set up very quickly in Mailchimp and was bringing in around only 5% of extra revenue with emails.

“We used to have 5% of our revenue generated by our emailing strategy. We thought it was low for a business exclusively online.”

In addition to that, the integration with Shopify (platform they use for their store) and Mailchimp was done through a third party so they weren’t even receiving all the important data for tracking and making the best decisions.


The Solution
Sophisticated email marketing automation that supports all the stages of the customer lifecycle

I started with an extensive customer and market research, including subscriber surveys to understand their pain points, and why they buy or don’t buy.

Understanding the market is crucial for creating a winning marketing strategy and writing copy that connects with customers which makes them take action.

Mailchimp simply couldn’t do everything I wanted to implement with the automation and the tracking was off. Data is the king when it comes to making strategic decisions, so we moved to a more robust email marketing platform for ecommerce – Klaviyo.

We needed to focus on 3 key stages:

  1. Pre-Purchase stage
  2. Close-to-Purchase stage
  3. Post-Purchase stage

I built key automated email flows for each of these stages with a specific goal in mind – creating happy customers, creating fans.

In the Pre-Purchase stage we focused on establishing credibility and trust, provided big value upfront and removed any looming objections and concerns to help convert new website visitors into buyers.

Since their current email list didn’t receive emails for a long time, we decided to reactivate them by moving them through our Welcome flow and reminding them of the value Slidebooks offers for them.

Doing this helped reactivate their stale email list and bring in a nice chunk of extra revenue in the process.

In the Close-to-Purchase stage we identified everyone who abandoned their cart or viewed a product on the website but didn’t complete their purchase (proper tracking was the key here).

These customers were very close to buying, but something is stopping them from taking that last step. There were 2 flows created for these customer segments and each had a unique approach with multiple emails that handled potential objections to help recover lost sales.

In the Post-Purchase stage we focused on giving new customers a great experience when buying from us, which reduced buyer’s remorse.

Emails provided value through content and great deals to drive repeat purchases. This helped Slidebooks stay top-of-mind and relevant. So when their customers needed to buy a consulting Toolkit again, Slidebooks Consulting would be the only logical choice in their mind.


The Result
$1,005,628 from email sales in 1 year

After the first 30 days from implementing the new email strategy Slidebooks Consulting immediately increased their overall store sales by a whooping 84%!

And revenue from emails almost broke $100,000 that month, which translated to 45% of revenue coming from the email channel. Previously, emails were responsible for only 5% of their total revenue.

Results after 30 days

With a solid backend sales system that converts their new visitors into buyers and increases their overall lifetime value, Slidebooks Consulting was now ready to scale up their ad spend and grow rapidly.

“Three months later, 40% of our revenue is now generated by our emailing strategy!”

Short term results were consistent but we didn’t stop there.

During the next year I continued to optimize their automated email flows, tested a lot of ideas and elements to get even better numbers. I also helped launch successful email campaigns on a month to month basis (but most of the heavy lifting was already done by automated flows).

The results after 1 year?

1 year results after implementing my email strategy

One year after implementing my email marketing strategy, Slidebooks Consulting has generated over $1,000,000 of extra revenue through emails and most of it was done on auto-pilot without constantly bombarding their subscribers with promotions.

Slidebooks Consulting now has a system that takes their unknown visitors and converts them into the best type of customers – true fans.

“Hiring Zoran was one of the best strategic decisions we made this year”

Do you want to increase your sales rapidly and have true fans that will buy time and time again from you?