Email marketing management
for businesses who want emails that:

Email marketing isn’t complex but it can be a little complicated...
...Wait what!?

Do any of these feel familiar to you?

You are aware that emails should be one of the best performing marketing channels for your store, but every time you send an email you get crickets.

I'll transform your list into a cult-like following that will love reading your emails and happily spend their money in your store so that every email sent generates you more revenue

With me taking a lead on your email marketing you will:

Do you want to delight your subscribers every time you send an email?

Become a welcome guest instead of an annoying pest in their inbox!

How my email campaign strategy works

The main goal of email campaigns is to stay top-of mind with your subscribers, no matter at which stage of the customer lifecycle they’re at.

It’s no secret that if people are exposed to your brand and content more often, the more they’ll like and trust you – and we buy from those we like and trust.

But when your content is boring and all you ever send are sales promotions, it gets stale for your subscribers and they’re no longer engaged with your brand.

Unless they are ready to buy right now, there is no real value for them in these kinds of emails. And reality is, most of your subscribers are not ready to buy every time you send them an email.

Doing it this way leads to a decrease in open rates and increase in unsubscribes pretty fast. Combined with poor segmentation strategy, you end up with an unresponsive list and a very bad deliverability – meaning your emails no longer even reach the inbox in the first place!

This is not the position you want to find yourself in.

So how do you keep sending emails on a regular basis without becoming repetitive and boring?

This is where my 3E email formula comes in. Let me quickly explain what 3E stands for.

A powerful email should:

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Elevate

It’s all about your subscribers and what they get out of your emails. I repeat, it’s all about your subscribers and what’s in it for them!

Were they entertained by your content?
Did you teach them something useful?
Did you make them think or elevate their beliefs to a new level?

Having just one of these elements is already an email worth opening. Combine all 3 and you have a very powerful trifecta.

The most effective way to deliver this kind of content is through storytelling because our brains are hardwired to process and store information in this form. Stories activate our imagination and our brain has no choice but to keep on reading and find out what happens next.

These emails are the real relationship builders where your subscribers can experience the human side of your brand. They build your goodwill with them. So when it’s time to run a promotion, you’ll not just experience a higher engagement but a lot more sales as an end result.

OK Zoran, I'm sold! What do I get with your email marketing management service?

Here’s what’s included:

Research and analysis

Story driven email campaigns

I’ll write emails that connect with your audience, using my 3E email formula for great emails that people love to read and buy from without hard selling. It’s the perfect trifecta that Educates, Entertains and Elevates your subscribers, building trust and relationship with them.

Promotional email campaigns

Making sure you capitalize on the most busy dates of the year and that your emails coordinate with your overall sales plans.

Email list growth and management

Optimization of your automated emails

If I implemented email automation strategy for you, I’ll continue to tweak stuff for even better results.

Monthly reports

Easy to understand monthly reports so you’re up to date with everything that’s going on with your email marketing.

Email Marketing Management

Fully managed email marketing services

on a month-by-month basis without long term commitments

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