Email marketing automation
for businesses that want to:

Do any of these feel familiar to you?

If you’re not using email automation, your email marketing isn't used at its full potential and you’re leaving some serious money on the table!

I'll transform your email marketing into a premium, highly personalized automated selling machine that will do the work for you 24/7

With my email automation strategy you will:

Do you want premium email automation for your store?

Get consistent results month after month!

From barely over 10% of revenue from emails to consistent 30%+ of revenue from emails and almost double increase in total revenue after implementing my email automation strategy

How my email automation strategy works

email automation

A profitable email marketing automation strategy covers all 6 stages of the customer lifecycle.

As your customers naturally move through these lifecycle stages, your communication needs to follow with the right emails at the right time.

Here are the 3 Email Automation Categories:

  • Pre-Purchase Emails
  • Close-To-Purchase Emails
  • Post-Purchase Emails

Each Email Automation Category contains multiple flows with a series of emails that have one specific goal – moving the customer to the next stage.

Pre-Purchase Emails focus on building trust and relationship with subscribers and move them towards the Purchase Stage.

Close-To-Purchase Emails focus on subscribers that have almost finished the Purchase Stage, but something stopped them from moving. (example: people abandoning their cart or abandoning the checkout process)

Post-Purchase Emails focus on giving a great experience with the brand for your new customers and reducing buyers remorse. The goal of these emails is to create loyal fans who will make another purchase and also tell others how great their experience was buying from you.

OK Zoran, this sounds like exactly what I need!
What do I get with your email automation service?

Here’s what’s included:

Research and Analysis

Email marketing strategy

Email copywriting and design

Armed with all the data from the research, I’ll craft engaging copy for your emails that makes people take action and use my optimized email layout formula for maximum conversions.


The final step is to put all the pieces together inside your email marketing CRM. Congrats! Now you don’t just have an email automation system for your store – you have your cash cow!

Email Marketing Automation

Done for you email marketing system that will

generate your store serious revenue on autopilot

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