The secret behind $690 million email campaign

This is one of the daily emails I’ve sent to my subscribers. I don’t publish most of these online, so if you want access, sign up here. I was reading an older case study about one of the most (monetary) successful email campaign that I know of. You may wonder, who could have such huge … Read more

Customer Avatar: How To 10x Your Conversions

customer avatar

In this guide you’ll learn: how to 10x your marketing communication the process of doing research for customer avatar how to create an empathy map how to tie it all together into a customer avatar story   Do you know about the green heron? This bird’s diet mainly consists of various fish. It does eat … Read more

Why pop-ups might hurt your Google ranking now

Pop-ups have always brought discussions about them. Marketers love them, users don’t. That’s the usual case, but it also dates back to the times when you had loads of new windows jumping out in front of you immediately when you got on the site. People still have traumas from that. These days, they are a … Read more