The secret behind $690 million email campaign

This is one of the daily emails I’ve sent to my subscribers. I don’t publish most of these online, so if you want access, sign up here. I was reading an older case study about one of the most (monetary) successful email campaign that I know of. You may wonder, who could have such huge … Read more

How To Land Your Emails In Gmail Primary Tab Easily

In this guide you’ll learn: Which variables have a real impact for gmail primary tab placement What can you do to increase chances of landing in gmail primary tab Did you watch Doctor Strange? Remember how they were able to move to other dimensions? Cool stuff, right? That’s how I look at Gmail and it’s … Read more

How To Create The Most Perfect Welcome Email

How To Create The Most Perfect Welcome Email

In this guide you’ll learn: why welcome email is that important how to immediately build relationship with your subscribers how to structure your welcome email, from ground up But first, let me tell you a story. It’s very related to our subject. Last year, my girlfriend and I were looking for a place to go … Read more